Kroll Consulting

Global Executive Search

Kroll Consulting is a global executive search and consulting company.

Global Executive Search 

 At Kroll consulting we assist companies in finding the best executives with the right talents, work styles and personal capabilities that are required in order to achieve the role objectives and company's strategy.

We are a "boutique" firm that works together with the board of directors, CEO's and HR managers in order to locate and build the best executive team. We get to know our clients, their industries, markets and styles of management. 

We extend the care and professionalism to all levels of key management personnel- mid- to senior-level- CEOs, CFOs, VPs, Directors and technological specialists.

As a professional team our recruitment process includes psychological interviews and assessment of the candidates as well as an analysis and understanding of the organizational background, role description and the traits and talents required for the job.

Executive Career Consulting 

We provide career consulting for executives during all phases of the career.

 Organizational and HR consulting

Kroll consulting provides consulting services in the following areas that assist companies achieving their strategy:

 HR Management tools and procedures, Financial Management, Financial and Strategic Planning,

  Aligning Procedures and Process with Strategy.

Kroll Consulting- Executive Search

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